Jēkabpils — labo pārmaiņu pilsēta!

Garachukhur (Azerbaijan)

Garachukhur (Azerbaijan)

The Jēkabpils and Garachuhura municipalities from Azerbaijan have common interests and aims to work together in order to promote the exchange of experience, to improve the preparation and implementation of economic, social and environmental development projects, as well as to produce possibilities to implement joint projects in the local economy, social issues and public service areas. They intend to organise joint activities to spread the Azerbaijani and Latvian national traditions and promote cultural heritage among the members of society, as well as organise concerts of local ensembles and exhibitions of applied and children's art.

The cooperation agreement came into force on August 16, 2012.

Information coming soon.

Home page: surakhani-ih.gov.az

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