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Lida (Belarus)

Lida (Belarus)

Lida is one of the most ancient towns in Belarus; it was founded in 1380 and has developed into an international, densely populated town today. 

With the rural areas, Lida is one of the largest and economically most developed regions in Belarus. Chemical, grocery, machinery, electrical, metal and wood industries are developed in the Lida area. The high quality agricultural equipment, fluorescent light bulbs, paints and varnishes, glass and optics produced in Lida are exported to forty countries all around the world. The local dwellers and people from other Belarusian cities favour the bread and pastries, as well as the dairy products and beer made in Lida.

A cooperation agreement with Lida district from Grodno region was signed in 2005.

It provides for the facilitation of business cooperation between the two partners in the technical production of goods and mutual commodities and services exchange, as well as the foundation of joint production and joint ventures for the longer term. An important task is the exchange of experience and the latest technologies in the construction of residential buildings and roads, as well as the improvement of social and cultural facilities.

The agreement also determines cooperation in youth policy, the development of cooperation between the media, focusing on innovations in the economy and the social sphere. Bilateral cooperation in culture, education, health, tourism and sports industries is also set up there. In order to successfully carry out the contractual obligations, the parties have also agreed to develop a joint annual action plan.

The cooperation agreement was extended in 2010 and is valid until January 1, 2015.

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