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Maardu (Estonia)

Maardu (Estonia)

Maardu is a port city in the North of Estonia, only 15 kilometres from the capital of the country Tallinn. The territory of 23 km² is inhabited by around 16 000 people. Like Jēkabpils, Maardu is a town of waterways, highways and rail line crossings.

The cooperation agreement between Jēkabpils and Maardu was signed on February 16, 2003 in Jēkabpils. In order to develop economic ties between the two towns it envisages the support of cooperation between grocery producers and trading enterprises as well as the promotion of the exchange of experience among businessmen. The parties have also pledged to implement joint investment projects in improving the infrastructure and public service quality in Jēkabpils and Maardu.

Speaking of the cultural life, folk art concerts, art exhibitions are planned in both of the towns.

Home page: www.maardu.ee

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