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Myrhorod (Ukraine)

Myrhorod (Ukraine)

Jēkabpils City has signed the agreement with the City of Myrhorod on the 19th november 2014. The agreement states the cooperation between cities in the fields of culture and culture exchange, conservation of historical heritage, development of tourism and economical collaboration.

Myrhorod (Ukrainian: Миргород) is a city in the Poltava province of central Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Myrhorodskyi Raion (district), the city itself is also designated as a separate raion within the oblast, and is located on the river Khorol.

The town was founded either in the 12th or 13th centuries as an eastern border fort of Kievan Rus. According to legend, the fort was a place of peace negotiations that gave it its name (literally the City of Peace).

Myrhorod was first mentioned in chronicles in 1575 when Stephen Bathory, King of Poland made it a regiment city.

Myrhorod became famous in world literature through a cycle of stories written by Nikolai Gogol in Russian and entitled Mirgorod .

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Myrhorod is also known as a resort town for its underground mineral waters lodged inside the layer of rocks deposited during the Jurassic period. Commercial drilling for this ecologically pure water started in 1927.

Official home page: www.myrgorod.pl.ua

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