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Rokiskis (Lithuania)

Rokiskis (Lithuania)

Rokiskis district is situated in Lithuania only 75 km from Jēkabpils; its territory covers 180 600 ha. The central town of the district is also called Rokiskis and it possesses a rather ancient history. 

The town was named after the hunter Rokas, who hunted hares here a long time ago. The town was first mentioned in the annals in 1499. From the 2nd half of the 18th century the image of the town was created by the counts of Thiesenhausen who built a luxurious manor ensemble, the town's central square and a church at its side. The Rokiskis manor houses, town square and St. Mata's church are historically significant not only on a regional, but also a national scale.

On March 11, 2010 an official cooperation agreement was signed between the Jēkabpils town municipality and the Rokiskis district municipality. The agreement was signed by Jēkabpils mayor Leonids Salcevics and the head of Rokiskis district council Almantas Blazys.

The mutually signed agreement provides for fostering cooperation in the cultural, economic, social and educational fields. The agreement will assist in taking advantage of participation in various cross-border projects, as well as the development of cooperation in economics, business, and other areas. It also provides for the systematic and professional exchange of information about the activities and socio-economic development of the local governments, promotion of the development of partnerships between the higher education institutions, student meetings, teachers and the student exchange process. The agreement also fosters the development of contacts between cultural institutions, associations and creative teams, as well as cooperation in the field of environment protection, and the coordination and support of activities aimed at the prevention of environmental pollution.

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