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Sokołów Podlaski (Poland)

Sokołów Podlaski (Poland)

The town is located in the North-East of Poland, 100 kilometres from the capital, Warsaw. Although the town is relatively small, with only a few more than 18 000 inhabitants, it is known for high quality meat products not only in Poland but also in other European countries. During the reconstruction of the outdated technology lines new modern agricultural production sites were built there. Sokolow Podlaski supplies the district with a wide range of high-quality dairy products, fresh vegetables, juices and fruit. A twinning cooperation agreement between Jēkabpils and Sokolow Podlaski was signed in November 1992, but the new version – on May 5, 2004.

The agreement provides for partnership in education, culture, sports and recreation organisation, business, NGO activities, tourism and museum operation, investment planning and implementation.

Home page: www.sokolowpodl.pl

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