Jēkabpils — labo pārmaiņu pilsēta!



A rectangular piece of cloth with two horizontal bands of equal width: the upper band is black, the lower – red. The coloured coat of arms of Jēkabpils is situated in the centre of the banner and occupies 2/5 of the width of the square.

The flag width-to-length ratio equals 1:2 and the possible dimensions are: 1 m x 2 m or 1.5 m x 3 m. The standard size is 14 cm x 28 cm.

The usage of the colours of Jēkabpils is established by the Regulations on the town colours of Jēkabpils. The Regulations state that "badges, pennants and other memorabilia, as well as a variety of items with the image of Jēkabpils colours shall be produced ​​only by courtesy of Jēkabpils City Council after payment of the respective dues in the Jēkabpils off-budget account."

The Regulations on the town colours of Jēkabpils were ratified at the town council meeting in 1999.

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