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The Tourism Route "Balts' road"

The Tourism Route "Balts' road"

The “Balts’ Road” is 2145 km long, and is further subdivided in the Couronian (~ 790 km), Semigallian (~ 620 km) and Selonian (~ 735 km) route segments. Each of the segments runs through areas in Latvia and Lithuania, where once some of Balts’ tribes – the ancient Couronians, Semigallians and Selonians – lived.

More than 110 tourist objects will tell you the history, culture, and traditions of the three Baltic tribes. Hillforts included in the route allow enjoying the landscape with the eyes of our ancestors. Visitors may as well enjoy the walking trails, picnic areas and observation platforms, which are a relaxing improvement to the long-gone fortifications of the hillforts. Balts were pagans due to their close relationship with the nature as a result of the farming and stockbreeding lifestyle; therefore, natural objects and phenomena were widely worshiped. 

Look out for the route map “Balts’ Road” to find the places. The map also includes eight customised routes: 
A Couronian Warrior. Feel the Power of Couronians! Couronian Places of Worship.  Feel the Holiness of Couronians! Mighty and Rich Semigallia. Explore Semigallians! A Journey through the Lands of Ancient Selonians. The Way of Happiness, Love and Wisdom. Searching for National Memory. The Great Story of Lithuanian History. The Way of the Holy Fire

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