Jēkabpils — labo pārmaiņu pilsēta!

“Aura” shopping mall

“Aura” shopping mall

Address: Nākotnes Street 2, Jēkabpils

Working hours:

Sa: 10:00-19:00; 

Phone: +371 29158793 

Email: ingus@tc-aura.lv

Home page: : www.tc-aura.lv






 The shopping mall is easy and convenient to visit for both the residents of Jēkabpils, who can easily get there by foot, and for the inhabitants of near and more remote regions arriving by bus or by car, as the shopping mall is located just 300 metres from the city centre and just 200 metres from the by-pass road of Jēkabpils to Viesīte.

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