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Receiving restrictions

If you have been granted poor family (personal) status, you have the right to claim and receive a benefit from the social service of the local government for the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) level, if the income is less than EUR 64 per person per month.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    An application for the provision of the GMI level of the allowance shall be submitted to the Social Service of Jekabpils county after receipt of a decision regarding the granting of the status of a poor family (person).
    At the same time as the submission of an application, an agreement shall be entered into regarding participation with each beneficiary of the adult benefit, agreeing on arrangements for improving the social situation of the recipient and his or her family. The agreement may not be concluded with pensioners and persons with disabilities, as well as with young people under the age of 20, provided that they acquire general secondary education or secondary vocational education in the day department.

  2. Service Processing
    If a person individually resident is a beneficiary of an old age or disability pension for at least three months, the level of GMI in the city of Jekabpils shall be EUR 110 per month.
    The allowance for the provision of the level of GMI in the form of food vouchers with a value of 5% of the national minimum monthly salary, or the payment of services for accommodation and catering or other social services may be partly or entirely replaced by a property benefit in the form of food vouchers, taking into account a reasoned request from the recipient.

  3. Receipt of services
    The allowance shall be paid for the current month in accordance with the dates indicated in the calculation of the benefit for the provision of the level of GMI - for the first month within five working days from the date of the decision on the granting of the benefit, for the following months, at the monthly interval, respectively.
    The allowance shall be credited to the credit institution's current account specified in the application, or paid to the Jekabpils Social Service cash.