Public participation is the involvement of citizens, society and non-governmental organisations in the process decision-making and implementation. The purpose of public participation is to ensure that decisions taken by public administration are in line with the needs of the public, are explained in a timely and understandable manner to those to whom they apply.

Public administration operates at various levels, and the local government is the level of administration that is the closest to the population. The research is indicative of the fact that in Latvia and other EU countries, citizens trust more their local government than other institutions of the public sector. The local government wants to clarify the views and ideas of its citizens in order to make more informed decisions to promote confidence in their work, as well as to strengthen local democracy.

Every member of the public concerned or interested in the matter may give his or her opinion. Each member of the public shall be entitled to receive feedback on his/her proposal.

We call on citizens to express their views on the challenges to be addressed, the local government's development planning documents and the local government's binding rules and decisions.

Official responsible for public participation in local government of Jēkabpils is an official Aiga Sleže, phone: +371 22317379, e-mail: This official will help you in case of uncertainty!