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The birth of a child shall be notified within one month to the family list department in the territory of which the child was born or in the territory of which the place of residence of the parents has been declared. The Civil Registry Office shall make an entry in the birth register and issue birth certificates.
If the parents of the child have not registered a mutual marriage, the information regarding the father may be entered in the birth registration documents of the child by submitting a joint application for the recognition of the parents in the correspondence department.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Submit an application together with the necessary documents.
    1. A statement of the medical treatment institution or medical practitioner regarding the birth of the child - shall be submitted to the original
    2. Parent passports - original
    3. Parental marriage certificate – to be presented in the original
    4. If parents do not consist of marriage, then a submission regarding recognition of paternity shall be required

  2. Service charge
    Free service