Execution deadline in working days
Individual person
Receiving restrictions

The service shall provide an opportunity for a person to declare his or her place of residence, as well as the place of residence of his or her minor child, a person under guardianship or guardianship in Jekabpils.
When registering the fact of birth of a child in the correspondence section, the declaration of the address of the child's place of residence shall be carried out simultaneously.

Process description

  1. Request/Receive Service
    - the declaration of residence form shall be completed by the local government employee and the person signs it

    - documents
    1) the official of the institution shall be presented with a Passport or a personal identity card
    2) a birth certificate, declaring the place of residence of the minor child and documents attesting the rights of the legal representative of the declarant of the place of residence.
    3) an authorised person - a notarially certified authority;
    4) foreigners and stateless persons must present a valid personal identification document in Latvia and a residence permit or registration certificate.



  2. Service charge
    The amount of the national levy is EUR 4.27.
    Pay benefits see: other information
    E-service free of charge